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what is this i just downloaded (youtube code?)

so this is kinda a wierd story. I was planning to restart my computer. (cant remember why) I spend most of my time watching youtube videos so i had alot of tabs open. So i was watching the videos then deleting the tab but not opening new tabs. So i was down 2 i think 1 it was a pretty long video so i tried to open a youtube home page tab just to look while i listened to the video. And this is a short exerp of what i got.


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First Contact - Part Sixty-One (Kark)

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Captain's Personal Log - Stardate 8532.299
Arrived at Starbase-4973 with the Dakota and our crew. Turned over information to the local Starfleet representative as well as SUDS data for the other ship's crews. Spoke to Commodore Dunsten of Starfleet who requested a template for what changes the Dakota has undergone. Was counseled that my point totals will not count toward any ladder rankings due to 'extreme non-canon changes' to the Dakota as well as my crew personal armaments and shuttle modifications.
In shocking news, the Battlestar Fleet and the Cylon Collection have arrived. Talk about the big guns. Those guys carry the big Creation Engines that can pump out a Viper or Cylon fighters in roughly 10 seconds with only a 30 second cooldown/slushdown feature.
Met with the Space Force representative and turned over my battle logs. He, in particular, wanted the in-depth scans we performed on the various Precursor ships. Our practice of boarding the ships is, at this time, the most common strategy.
We discussed the fact that Space Force considers forcing the Precursor vessels out of the system to by a phyrric victory and that the system will require a heavy metal posting. Was also informed that the fact that the Precursor fleet retreated from the planets and then from the system was a 'statistical oddity' and he wanted more scans. He also inquired as to whether or not I ran an in-depth scan on the gas giants, which is where the Goliaths were spawning from. I regret I had not, merely a scan for a Goliath.
He appears quite concerned with the actions undertaken but did congratulate me on defending the system.
Transphasic Photon Torpedoes are considered standard armaments for all Starfleet vessels from here on out. There is talk of smaller planet-crackers being put in use among the crew, but planet crackers rely on the mantle to core interaction. Quantum torpedoes are nothing option that I am seriously considering. Phased plasma torpedoes are largely considered in the OP-Class of weaponry but I am seriously considering just loading everything up and going for broke. Tricobalt missiles might be another option but the last time anyone used that was during the Fifth Dominion War. The Dakota is so far out of specifications that mounting such weapons is not as far fetched as it may have sounded a month ago.
It isn't like anything we're going to do is going to count for the leaderboads.
On a personal note, some of the crew members have reported headaches from their SUDS interfaces. McCoy is working on it, but he also warned that the transporter may have to be reconfigured after the discovery that the Precursors can hijack the signal and capture crew members that way.
Starfleet transporters are much more carefully aligned than the earlier 'mat-trans' and 'teleporter' systems used by the 40K LARPers. Safety interlocks prevent our transporters from being used in many cases that a teleporter could be used, require more power, and have a triple-feedback redunancy check.
An amusing point: Teleporter systems seem to go straight through the shields. McCoy and Spock both believe that lengthened amount of time for buffer checking allows the Precursor shielding to be adjusted for the algorythm used by Starfleet vessels.
Another amusing point: During my LFG call, the Wesleys were lined up around the station core. Nobody is taking them on these, despite the class advantages because, outside of structured missions for Starfleet Games, nobody is going to suddenly have Wesley Weaknesses just because.
On a personal note: My Riker has grown out his beard and has been socializing with his Space Force peers in order to get us more information on this threat.'
--Picard 8873
Captain's Personal Log - Stardate 8532.304
One thing they don't mention in the sheer amount of time you spend moving from place to place. Warp drive is highly efficient and safe compared to stringdrive, slipstream, gates, and jumpspace. Unlike hyperspace, AI's are able to remain conscious in warp. Still, I feel the urge to yell "GO FASTER" at the warp nacelles.
My Spock took me to the side and warned me that Starfleet vessels may be making a serious mistake. Often, the Precursors take damage and flee the system, using Hellspace to jump out. He has noticed that after roughly 8% of their structure is damaged they then flee. He also had checked Starfleet records.
I'm the only vessel, at this time, running transphasic photon torpedoes.
He has suggested an experiment. Utilize transphasic torpedoes, phased plasma torpedoes, but leave one out of every barrage of 10, with the phased plasma torpedoes, with a subspace beacon. In that manner, we can discover where they are running off to.
My Spock has put forward the theory, and my Scotty and LaForge, as well as my Riker, all agree.
They have refitting, repair, and construction bases somewhere.
Perhaps our plan to put a phased subspace beacon aboard one of the larger vessels will pan out.
I do feel concern about what my crew and I might find in a Precursor shipyward.
--Picard 8873
Captain's Personal Log - Stardate 8532.306
We have returned to the system that myself and the others had cleared. In particular, we are running long range sensor scans of the gas giants. My Chekov has suggested, and I concur, that getting in close and running more detailed but shorter range scans might put us too close.
I would really like to avoid a barrage of nCv shells.
Our Uhura (She's extremely qualified and did not object to me doublechecking her bonafides) is keeping a careful ear out for any Precursor transmissions.
I have left orders that at the faintest whisper of Precursor code the Dakota is to move to red alert.
The system looks empty, but there is something that makes me think that there are only four lights.
--Picard 8873
ADDENDUM: There is apparently no structures or other masses in the gas giant at the depths our long range passive scanners can reach.
Captain's Personal Log - Stardate 8532.307
Our Uhura spotted it first. Subspace whispers. Complex and shifting binary, barely audible. While others suggested we move in, trying to get a lock in on what was whispering across subspace in such a manner I ordered the ship to immediately go to silent running, no emissions.
We observed a Goliath exit Hellspace near the larger gas giant, streaming vapor and metal, its attendant vessels exiting with it. As we watched it allowed the attendant vessels to board through the massive docking ports.
Sidenote: Some of those docking bays are the size of the real San Francisco Ultraplex.
The 'whispers' picked up and the massive Goliath sank into the gas giant.
My crew's estimation that the three initially engaged Goliaths of our last action had repaired themselves was confirmation bias.
For a bare moment the whisper got louder and the Goliath that had sunk into the gas giant was in plain view on our passive long range scanners then it simply vanished.
The belief of my Spock and Scotty is that the Precursors have some kind of shielded refit structure inside the gas giant beyond the scanner horizon. LaForge has stated that the pressures at such depth would make any construction or repairs inordinately difficult.
My Riker reminded LaForge that the Precursors were engaged in a war when they vanished and these bases are not only war-time bases, but that there are no living crews to worry about.
I ordered my crew to remain on silent running. There is enough debris on that planet to cover a probe approach. My LaForge has suggested putting a probe data relay in the Oort Cloud to give the signals a few 'bounces' and to use only phased tachyon streams with reversed polarity.
Sometimes I wish we didn't have all our own names for technology. Why could he have just said paired quark communications?
--Picard 8873
Captain's Personal Log - Stardate 8532.309
The probe was moved into place carefully, following a piece of debris from the previous battle. During this time our Uhura caught another scrap of what she has come to call "Precursor Whispers" from the other gas giant.
My Spock reminded me that the intense pressures inside a massive gas giant could make foundry work easier, allowing the creation of hyperalloys that we need massive foundries for to utilize the inherent pressures of a massive gas giant to create 'alloy farms' inside the gas giant.
A disturbing thought indeed.
Another ship type has arrived, which I have labeled the Enki class Precursor, has arrived and taken to carefully going over the debris fields of the Starfleet battle.
Thankfully the Klingon and Romulan officers routinely utilize anti-matter charges to clear any debris from the destruction of our ships.
It moved to the wreckage of the mining ship and has been spending time there. It is at extreme range and I am becoming nervous about what it is doing.
The Precursor attitudes within this star system are concerning.
Have you ever looked at an inanimate machine, with no living characterization like a Data possesses, and thought to yourself "What are you up to?" as you watched it?
I have that unique experience.
They are up to something.
--Picard 8873
Captain's Personal Log - Stardate 8532.310
The probe provided us with valuable information that is critical to disseminate.
We are now, to use my Riker's phrase: running like a bat out of hell.
Passive scans can only penetrate to a certain depth within a gas giant. Starfleet has been largely worried about planetary scans as well as deep space and intrasystem scans. Combine it with the fact we use a lot of gamification in our systems, gas giants were largely used as "spawn points" for crafts. This meant that, naturally, our scanners largely could not penetrate deeply into gas giants.
My Scotty and LaForge re-calibrated the sensor arrays to get a good look inside the gas giant.
My Spock was right. The Precursor was 'growing' large alloy fields down there. There was a repair and manufacturing base the size a continent down inside the gas giant with massive 'alloy farms' around it. Before the scale would have shocked me until my Spock pointed out that the Great Eye of Jupiter is twice the size of Terra itself. Nearly two dozen Precursor vessels were 'docked' at the facility.
Discussions on how to 'deal with' this massive repair and refit base were discussed at a closed meeting of my command crew. It ranged from using a Genesis Device on the gas giant (Not recommended. My LaForge stated that the Precursor ships we are facing here are more adept at 'learning' than previously encountered Precursor types and the last thing we should do is provide them with planet killers that create more resources) to attempting to use a modified planet cracker on the gas giant (Again, tabled due to concerns the Precursors would imitate it).
We settled on phasic trans-phasic photon torpedoes mixed with tricobat missiles.
Out attack was dual: Destroy the debris field of the Romulus class mining vessel, which was being thoroughly combed over by Enki class Precursor vessels, damage or perhaps even destroy the facility and the 'alloy farms' inside the gas giants.
We came in from above the stellar plane, at a high velocity angle. When facing Precursor vessels your speed and maneuverability are key to staying alive. We fired probes while still 25 million miles above the stellar plane. We came in with only debris shields at full power.
The probes reported back that while there were life signs on the planets in the Green and Amber zones the Precursor vessels around those planets and upon the surface were not engaged in wholesale slaughter or destruction. We practically turned the sensors inside out getting deep scans of everything.
Once in range (Starfleet weaponry is somewhat, to use my Riker's term: short legged compared to Space Force line weaponry) I ordered a full scan at maximum power and resolution. Normally this is avoided to prevent damage to sentient beings and xeno-species but the Precursors aren't a foe that one should concern themselves with scanner-burn.
Percursor vessels were not rising from the gas giants. While some immediately launched or moved to engage us from various points in the system, sheer distance and geometry prevented any attacks. At 30 million miles even nCv weapons or phaser beams move too slowly to engage a ship the size of the Dakota. We launched weapons and immediately began accelerating to be able to put enough distance between any Precursor vehicles and our own vessel.
We got our scan data back and immediately realized that engaging the Precursor vessels was now a secondary, if not tertiary, mission.
All four of the gas giants contained refit facilities of a size that is best described as 'geological'.
That was not the key data.
Our Uhura was able to isolate the 'Precursor Whisper' and while unable to decode it, was able to confirm what it is.
FTL data-streams.
Their battle, strategic, and tactical network.
The planets, while full of life and possessing several species known to be "Unified Civilized Races", were all at Stone Age technology. Precursor vessels were moving to protect the planets and their inhabitants for an unknown reason.
This information is vital to Starfleet, Space Force, and all other Confederacy organizations.
--Picard 8873
Captain's Personal Log - Stardate 8532.311
The Dakota has now had its very own AbramsKhan moment.
We were fired on in warp drive.
The Precursor vessel mounted one of the Galaxy class Starfleet vessel's engines and pursued us. With a lighter frame, higher energy output, and not having to concern itself with warp drive effects upon living beings, it was not only able to catch up to us, but fire upon us.
My Riker has stated that anyone who mocks up for having such thick armor after this will be starting a brawl.
We are alive only because of my insistence on heavy armor, structural integrity fields running the same type of shield frequency algorithms as our main deflector shields, with dual structural fields layered between armor and structural layers.
Immediately upon being fired upon we dropped out of warp drive to engage the small Precursor vessel. Chekov stated it would be between stellar bodies and it should have been a bare battlefield with not even gas wisps.
Instead, we dropped into a half dozen Jotun class vessels waiting for us.
We are currently undergoing evasive warp maneuvering as estimated by my Spock and my LaForge.
--Picard 8873
Captain's Personal Log - Stardate 8532.313
They're attempting to "drive" us deeper into the Dead Zone.
This gives us a fairly unusual opportunity. We can see what they are attempting to push us into or we can attempt to escape.
Spock and Scotty believe that it is imperative we discover what it is that the Precursors believe can take us out compared to the Jotuns following us.
Riker and LaForge maintain our goal should be reaching Federation/Confederate Space.
I believe I have a better idea.
--Picard 8873
Captain's Log - Stardate 8532.315
Rather than allow us to be pushed further into the Dead Zone I ordered the ship to move at a right angle to the galactic plane at full warp 9.3. While this can interfere with SUDS uploads and storage I have decided that the risk is necessary.
Captain's Log - Stardate 8532.317
The Precursor machines are still in close pursuit. They are arranging for attempted ambushes. LaForge has theorized that the one following us, which is a warp capable photon-torpedo launcher welded to the the Galaxy class engine and wrapped in neutronium armor, sends out a "whisper" as soon as it sees the 'warp flare' from our engines. That enables the Precursor vessels to Helljump to where we will be exiting.
Scotty has a plan.
Luckily, I did not dump my old class data, so I have a Kirk knowledge database.
Spock is overriding the interlocks to allow me to access that knowledge.
It is risky, but acceptable.
Captain's Log - Stardate 8532.317 - Supplmental
By utilizing the holodeck, a blank SUDS, and carefully aligned emitters, Spock believes I will be able to load the data from the Kirk character class into my memories despite being a Picard. He will attempt to use his Mind Meld ability to keep me from collapsing under a dual class.
The Precursor Pursuer will be in range inside of 30 minutes.
I have no choice.
Captain's Personal Log - Stardate 8532.317.7
The melding was somewhat successful. I have conflicting emotions and desires regarding many subjects but thankfully both my knowledge and personality templates are Starfleet officers. By use of the Mind Meld my Spock was able to use an older exploit involving class rank and player knowledge.
Contrary to popular opinion, Kirk classes are not womanizing hot-heads (Despite AbramsEra semi-canon) but rather highly innovative early Starfleet officers. It is just that the mission files force Kirk to use half-experimental technology in innovative ways in order to overcome unknown experiences and foes. One of the things often overlooked is Kirk made the rank of Admiral and was quite cautious in many ways.
Still, the dissonance between a Picard and a Kirk class is quite intense.
I am suffering nosebleeds. McCoy says it is from intercranial pressure as my brain attempts to sort through the information.
I have not informed him of the fact I have a severe SUDS hangover.
--Picark 8873
Captain's Log - Stardate 8532.318
After examining old scans of the Galaxy class ship that was defeated I was able to ascertain its hull number. Using that number, and knowledge possessed by an Admiral Level Kirk Class, when the Precursor Pursuer came close enough to fire I was able to drop its warp-shields. The Precursor Pursuer was exposed to raw warp energy at that time, inhibiting its ability to see the Dakota, specifically causing us to appear much further ahead in the warp conduit.
The Precursor Pursuer fell back and I ordered the Dakota to move to Emergency Warp Speed.
9.998 Okuda Scale
The Precursor Pursuer immediately went to maximum speed of the Galaxy class engine attached to little more than armor, bare shields, and a torpedo launcher.
Warp 10.
Without Transwarp shielding or any other technology, the Precursor Pursuer achieved infinite velocity and infinite mass.
The explosion damaged the Dakota and left us drifting in normal space.
Scotty and LaForce estimate repair times of 3 weeks.
--Picark 8873
Captain's Log - Stardate 8532.325
We are again underway after our successful destruction of the Precursor Pursuit vessel.
Maximum warp is limited to Warp 5.4.
Estimated time of arrival at Starbase 4973 is 11 days.
--Picark 8873
Captain's Personal Log - Stardate 8532.332
My SUDS has been scrambled and bad. I'm no longer Jeffery van Leedle, born on Rigel, but instead and curious combination of the character neural templates and my old personality.
Scotty, McCoy, and LaForge are examining me. Not in any hopes of untwining the personalities, but rather to forward the information to SoulNet in hopes that it can be prevented for occurring to others, no matter how unusual the circumstances.
The 'Gamed' memories no longer have the distinguishable overlay that Starfleet uses for safety measures. Instead, all of my memories feel the same.
Which is... confusing.
I remember racing a motorcycle in the wheat fields of Oklahoma, outside of Paris, under a Rigellian red sky.
My gestalt personality agrees that it is worth it for the information we have and to save my ship and my crew.
--Jeff Picark 8873
Captain's Log - Stardate 8532.334
Pro-term Acting Captain Riker-2173 commanding. Previous Captain suffering the effects of the SUDS/Template merger needed to access information to allow the destruction of the Precursor Pursuer.
Captain Jeff Picark was relieved of command, with acceptance and willingly, two hours ago.
Bridge and Command Officers are in agreement with this action.
We are two days out of Starbase 4973.
--Riker 2173
Captain's Personal Log - Stardate 8532.335
Would I have done it, knowing what I do now?
My SUDS cannot update. The neural template recordings fragment and unravel.
I am no longer immortal.
But there is no such thing as only human. Humans, without the SUDS, accomplished incredible feats with just grit and determination.
However, I can no longer participate in active combat Starfleet games. Two hundred years of LARP down the tubes.
I made a good choice with my Riker. The hardest thing to do is relieve your Captain for cause.
He had good cause.
--Jeff Picark 8873
Captain's Log - Stardate 8532.336
I have docked the Dakota and am granting shore leave to crew. Captain Picark was taken to the Space Force infirmary via stretcher with McCoy in attendance.
Our mission is complete. Space Force has our data in their possession.
For some reason, the Precursors keep entire worlds of roughly half the xeno-sapients of the Unified Civilized Races.
Gas Giants must now be treated as Precursor base risks.
I am hoping "Jeff" recovers. The fact that he remembered an ancient piece of lore from OldTrekKhan is, honestly, impressive. Undergoing an in-mission partial respec was risky.
Will report to Starfleet and see what happens.
--Riker 2173
Jeffery van Leedle, player number 7c345a7e1-8873, is hereby promoted to Starfleet Admiral and is hereby recalled to Earth-42 to Starfleet Headquarters in New-SanFran.
In accordance to his wishes the Dakota a non-canon America class ship, is hereby given to Riker 56a817c38f2-2173, including all templates and player rewards.
Initial estimations of 30-50 Goliath class total forces in is error.
New ship types encountered, new facilities discovered (See Attached File).
-----NOTHING FOLLOWS---------
Mantid, any idea what this is about?
Beyond "cattle worlds" we cannot estimate why Precursors, of all things, would have the older races, reduced to primitive, on worlds just being observed.
-----NOTHING FOLLOWS--------
Experimentation, idiots. That Balor Hellship should have made you think of that.
They're trying to figure out a way to counter us.
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The space exploration update this game really needs

My thoughts for what would make a great space-oriented update:


  1. No more "one space station per star system". Instead, each individual planet can have its own station (or might have none). There are different types of space stations, each specializing in a different thing. More on that later.
  2. Different planets can now be run by different races, so in a given system you may have a planet owned by the Gek and another owned by the Vykeen. This can lead to tensions between the races, and even heated space battles popping up at random that the player can join.
  3. Expansion of ambient space battles. It's now possible to see squadrons of capital ships duking it out with each other, accompanied by dogfights of personal starfighters. The player can join one of these battles for either side, gaining reputation with one while losing reputation with the other.
  4. Stars now actually exist, instead of just being a background image. Planets will appear at different parts of an orbit, meaning it's possible for planets to be on opposite sides of a star from each other. Flying too close to a star will result in death, so players will need to learn how to navigate around a star to get to other planets. There would be a auto-navigate option
  5. Star systems now have "geography". Asteroids are no longer omnipresent, but will appear in either cohesive asteroid fields orbiting the sun or in "clouds" on the outer reaches of the star system.
  6. An overhaul of the starship fuel system. Tritium and pyrite are still used as pulse drive fuel, but since asteroids are no longer found everywhere in space, the player will need to be more careful. Tritium can now only be found in trace amounts in asteroids. In the case of being stranded between planets, the player can send out a distress signal and get an emergency refuel from a shuttle sent out by the nearest space station or freighter (there is an exorbitant fee for this).
  7. Players can now install technology on their ship that allows them to fly extremely close to a star and "scoop" gas to use as fuel. In addition to giving the player a full stack of tritium (or some new form of pulse drive fuel) it can also provide large quantities of new rare gases.
  8. Gas giants. Gas giants can now appear in star systems. They can not be landed on, but they are home to unique types of space stations that can't be found elsewhere (such as gas mining orbitals). The player can also install technology that allows them to withstand the enormous atmospheric pressure/gravity of a gas giant and perform a number of activities, such as "scooping" exotic gases and fuel or even finding anomalies in the atmosphere such as ancient derelict ships. Gas giants are also more likely than planets to have moons.
  9. Asteroids are now much larger, and some can be landed on. Exploring an asteroid on foot requires special exosuit upgrades to protect from the extreme radiation of space. Asteroids can be mined for valuable metals, and may rarely even contain new types of biological horrors.
  10. The player can now find derelict ships and freighters within asteroid fields. Salvaging these requires the same exosuit upgrades as landing on asteroids, but will involve performing a space walk. Your exosuit now has micro boosters that allow you to control your movement in free space.
  11. To accommodate greater specialization of ships, the player can now own up to 9 personal starships. Reaching this maximum, however, will prevent NPC ships from landing on the freighter.
  12. There are now "patrols" in each system. The powers that own a given planet will have their own patrols of starships that mostly stay close to the planets and stations they own. Pirates will have their own patrol areas as well, usually occupying the space between planets and also having a heavy presence in asteroid fields. The result is that some parts of a star system are relatively safe, and others are downright dangerous to explore. There will be clashes between pirates and non-pirates where their patrols overlap.
  13. Black holes are renamed to wormholes
  14. Deep space is no longer empty. At a certain point in the Atlas Path storyline, the player gains the ability to see deep space regions on the galaxy map. These regions can be warped to just like any star system, except there will be no star there. These regions can be inhabited by exoplanets that have had their proc-gen settings "set free" to make them look truly crazy. They can also be home to other anomalies.
  15. The center of the galaxy is now an actual place. It is a cluster of star systems that surround a true "center system". The center system is home to a massive black hole. Diving into this black hole is now what moves a player to the next galaxy. Similar to deep space systems, the systems around the center of the galaxy have planets with "wild" procedural generation, meaning you'll see some truly weird terrain and combinations of planets, animals, and the like.
  16. Players can now build space stations. A new set of basebuilding tools is available for this purpose, including gas mining machines, asteroid mining bays, and more. The player can choose up to three NPC personnel from a new selection of NPC's to provide some of the functionality that space stations can have. Hire a ship dealer NPC to add that functionality to your base. Hire a blueprint/upgrade salesman. Hire a scrapyard attendant to allow you to scrap ships at your station. Hire a mission agent in order to be able to accept and turn in missions from your station. See if you can make the perfect "one-stop shop" for players visiting your star system.

New star types

  1. Single star
  2. Dwarf star
  3. Binary stars
  4. Ternary stars
  5. Black hole
  6. Pulsar

Space station types

  1. Trade hubs. Most commonly found orbiting Gek planets. These have a lot of the features that space stations currently have: galactic trade terminal, appearance modifier, a bunch of NPC's walking around. You can also purchase haulers from a ship dealer (instead of purchasing from NPC's landing on the station). Traders guild missions are available from here.
  2. Military outposts. Most commonly found orbiting Vykeen planets. Here you can buy ship and multitool upgrades, and directly purchase a new personal starship from an assortment of fighter-style craft (instead of buying them from NPC's landing on the station). Different space stations will have different ships to choose from. Mercs guild missions are available here.
  3. Research stations. Most commonly found orbiting Korvax planets. Here you can buy planetary charts, buy exosuit upgrades, and purchase explorer-type ships from a ship dealer.
  4. Mining stations. Each asteroid field has a chance of having one of these (it's not associated with a planet). The ship dealer here will sell shuttles, and pay higher-than-normal prices for any minerals that you want to sell them. These are a perfect "home base" for explorers that intend to do a lot of asteroid mining - blast some space rocks and then return to the mining station to sell your goods. Mining stations are now where the ship-scrapping terminal can be found.
  5. Shipyards. Here, you can buy from a large assortment of all ship types, with a chance of even exotic ships being available (no living ships though). This is also where you can upgrade your ship now (separate terminal from the ship-scrapping one now).
  6. Gas mining stations. Only found around gas giants. Similar to the regular mining stations, but focused on the gases and anomalies that can be found in gas giants.

New ship stats

  1. Scooping - ships with a higher scooping stat will get higher quantities of materials when scooping stars or gas giants. Shuttles have the highest natural scooping value
  2. Mining - ships with a higher mining stat will get higher yields from blasting asteroids. Haulers would have the highest natural mining value.

... at least, that's what I think would be really cool.
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Error/bug in MariaDB 10.2.24 not appearing in earlier versions with same configuration


An instance we have in Google Cloud eventually automatically upgraded to MariaDB 10.2.24. The only change was the new package, no configuration changes. We stopped the automated upgrade now, BTW.

This is running in Centos 7.6 in a 2 vCPU 4Gb RAM, nothing spectacular but enough for what is serving. It is in a 2 node Galera cluster for replication, soon adding a third node, which in normal operation, works fine.

A restart after upgrade resulted in the following error. Reverting to 10.2.22 worked and it started accordingly after syncing with the other node.

I tried to find any relevant config changes in 10.2.24 vs previous versions but I found nothing in change log or documentation.
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MySQL/MariaDb are not my strength, I have borrowed concepts, read and followed advice when it seemed appropriate, feel free to advise, please.

let me know if I need to provide more.
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On Society and the LGBT+ Population in Remnant


My intended meaning seems to have gone largely misinterpreted in the comments on this post. I probably didn't help things by being in a somewhat grumpy mood before I started replying to the comments. Given how widespread such responses seem to be, it's pretty clear that this is my fault, and I did not effectively communicate my intent within the post itself. Probably would have benefitted from some time spent editing and revising it, but, it's already out there.
It's also huge, and, rather than spend hours on rewriting the thing, I have elected for the lazy (and slightly hypocritical) option of writing this foreward in an attempt to clear up my intentions here.
This post is not an attack on the CRWBY or the show. I was not trying to imply that the CRWBY has done a bad job of LGBT+ representation (they've been very good), nor am I saying that Remnant is poorly designed. Stories all benefit from points of conflict. I do not see the conclusions I reach as bad writing or storytelling.
So, what was I actually trying to do? My goal was to dispel the notion that Remnant is some sort of LGBT+ Utopia, where everyone would immediately have everything figured out, loudly announce it, and face exactly 0 disadvantages as a result. I had hoped to draw some attention to some apparently minor factors in doing so that could get people reconsidering what they mean, and understand how deep sexism, cisnormativity, and heteronormativity run in both our society, and Remnant's.
And, if we're being right honest, the whole thing was kicked off by someone telling me that Weiss can't possibly be into girls because she would have told us by now... A statement that definitely got under my skin.
In any case, this post did not apparently meet those goals.
I still think I made some good points in there.
Anyway, here's the original, as posted. I have made no edits below this line:


Some of you may have noticed a sizeable portion of my word count on this Sub has been directed towards discussing and explaining LGBT+ issues. One of the common things I see in these discussions is this idea that Remnant has "No Homophobia", or other expressions of similar ideas. I'd argue the actual show refutes that assertion, and, rather than have that burried in the comment section of some other only tangentially irrelevant post, I feel this deserves it's own discussion.
Don't get me wrong, I am not saying that a show set in a post-homophobia world is somehow a bad thing (normalizing the existence of LGBT+ folks is great), nor am I saying that the CRWBY has been bad at handling LGBT+ issues. On the contrary, Rooster Teeth has moved itself to the forefront of major media productions in handling such issues, and, as a lady who is in the acronym twice, I am eternally grateful for that.
I can definitely see the reasoning and appeal behind Remnant being post-homophobia. Given the way Grimm work, small towns would not benefit from ostracising people based on factors that are more or less random (as far as we know) in people. Shunning a family member because they happen to be, say, gay, would no doubt draw Grimm and likely lead to the death of the village. In addition, we're not shown any groups explicitly against gay people by, say, denying them the ability to buy cakes.
There's even been mention (though I haven't seen proof, and don't want to put words in their mouths) that the CRWBY itself has declared Remnant homophobia-free... but to know if the actual work supports it, one must consider it from a death-of-the-author viewpoint, so for the purposes of this post, I shall not consider outside statements to be anything other than expression of intent. For instance, I can certainly buy the idea that the CRWBY has no intent to directly address homophobia within their story.
So... what does the actual story say?

Part One - Gender Norms, Roles, and Expression

Some of you may ask, what does Gender Expression have to do with sexuality? First, I would like to point out that the fourth letter of LGBT, isn't a sexuality, and I am addressing all of it in my post. Second, it is important to consider where a society draws its lines on these definitions. Gender, and its expressions, are a continuum. There is no one easy on-off signal to draw the lines for us, such as "all girls have bows" or "female Pikachus have a differently-shaped tail". There are people who are visibly female with a large number of masculine traits, or vice versa, or people whose expression is so middling as to not give a clear idea of what they may be mentally or physically. In order for "straight" and "gay" to be meaningfully different, a line must be drawn somewhere, even if it's incredibly fuzzy.
And it's not like you can just go around pulling down everyone's pants before you decide if you might be attracted to them, so one's private, hidden parts are not meaningful to this dicussion.
There is also a history of, at least in the real world, people across the entire LGBT+ spectrum defying gender norms, but we can't necessarily assume this is true of Remnant.
We can, however see how Remnant enforces these norms in the show, and from what we are given, it seems that Remnant has some fairly rigid norms.
Sure, in regards to occupation, Aura and Semblances provide a strong counterargument to the idea that women might be "worse" at jobs like, say, being a Huntsman. RWBY is a remarkably feminist* show in terms of allowing women to fill a large variety of societal positions, but it is not perfect. Regardless of the main cast composition, the ratios of people fulfilling these roles is still skewed male: at least three of the four headmasters are male, Vale's council is shown to be primarily, if not entirely, male, we are shown exactly one female instructor for any sorts of combat training, mooks in the White Fang and other groups are still primarily male (this is getting much more even in newer volumes, however; I can't say that the Belladona family's guards seems to skew strongly in one direction or the other), and what few examples of more "subservient" positions we're shown, such as secretaries, receptionists, and waitstaff have been mostly female.
These expectations extend to the way the people of Remnant dress. Outside of Uniforms (and even those are very gendered for the schools), women are shown in distinctly "feminine" clothes, and men in "masculine" ones. Ren gets to be a good, if singular, example of a man with a more feminine presentation, but take away the long hair and it ceases to blur any lines. For women in more masculine dress, it's even more rare, despite real-world's society's greater acceptance of women in suits than men in dresses. Perhaps it's a stylistic choice, but the only female character I can think of that leans masculine in their dress is Tock, who is both a villian and part of an already marginalized group. Women in the show fight in high-heels and "combat" skirts, for gosh sake, and while I actually really like that aesthetic on a personal level, the fact that you'll never see such things on male characters, and that "butch" presentations are so rare for female characters, says a lot about Remnant's societal expectations, especially condsidering the value placed on self-expression, and that isn't even addressing the big example.
What happens when, in the course of the show, an apparently male character (Jaune) elects to wear a piece of fabric that has been arbitrarily assigned to a "feminine" presentation (a dress)? He gets laughed at. By everyone. By the people who are presumably accepting. It's not just Cardin being a dick. While this isn't harmful to Jaune, who is doing is as attention-drawing pennace to prove a point, and not as a reflection of who he is, imagine, if you will, if that reaction occurred because a Trans Woman chose to wear clothes whose societal expectations more accurately matched her gender. Such a reaction would be (and is, when it happens in the real world) positively traumatizing. Remnant's gender norms are enforced to the point where it is generally considered acceptable by its society to attempt to supress subversions of it through public, near-universal ridicule. I doubt that was the point that the CRWBY was intending to make at the time--I imagine it was a reflection of their own expectations based on what happens in the real world--but the message still comes through, loud and clear.
Remnant is not a safe place for people who subvert gender norms. Remnant is not a safe place for transgender people who do not yet, or choose not to, pass.

Part Two - Heteronormativity

Not all examples of what is damaging to LGBT+ people is as obvious as public ridicule. Many of these things are subtle, and require some thought to realize what damage they may do. Many aren't done out of direct homophobic / transphobic intent... mostly, they're done out of tradition, but that does not make them harmless.
This section, I have no doubt, will be somewhat controversial. Many people's gut reaction to it is going to be defensive, as these things are done commonly, again, without the intent to harm, and very few people like the idea that something they've done or regularly do might be harmful. Please, keep an open mind, and don't take anything here as a personal attack against actions you may have taken.
One of the biggest struggles young LGBT+ folks go through is figuring out who they are. Our path to self discovery is obviously hindered by the obvious stigmas; nobody wants to be oppressed or underprivileged, and they really don't want to be put in danger or denied familiar support. To avoid these issues, many LGBT+ folks attempt to suppress and self-deny these parts of who they are, because their lives would be easier if these things weren't true of them. For many of us, it's something that we could have known from a very early age, but spent some time in denial.
But even if fear of being disowned by their families and shunned by their friends isn't something same-gender-attracted people in Remnant have to worry about, they still would have reason to hide it: so long as it is treated as an exception, and so long as humanity remains adverse to exceptions (and Remnant's humanity very much is. See: The Faunus), they will be under pressure to do so.
How does Remnant's society treat it as an exception? There are a few ways. To start, Weiss sarcastically suggests some stereotypical girl things to Ruby shortly after meeting her, in an attempt to dismiss her as vapid and uninteresting. Weiss specifically calls out talking about "cute boys", without consideration of the possibility that it might be desired, or even preferable, to also talk about "cute girls". We also have Jaune, who only ever brings up the possibility of Pyrrha going to the dance with--or even being asked to go by--a guy. I seriously doubt Jaune has had a discussion with Pyrrha about her sexuality, either, as I don't see a way in which they could where Pyrrha could hide the fact that she's something of a Jaune-sexual.
To address the argument that I'm sure some of you have at this point, yes, it is "more likely" in both of these cases that the person being talked to/about would go with the option presented, but discounting the alternative possibilities is still reflective of an idea that the alternative possibilities are unusual and abnormal, descriptors most people are keen to avoid.
There's also the handling of "flirting" in the show. In a truly post-homophobia society, flirting becomes a powerful tool to signal interest in a person without demanding a return of said interest. This is why people who flirt *cough*Neptune*cough* tend to do so quite a bit, to a large number of people, and we do, in fact, see quite a bit of flirting in the begining of this show, but it is almost entirely between opposite-gender pairings. The only exception we're shown is Yang who, even if she doesn't actually "flirt" that many times in the show, we are intended to believe that she does so quite a lot, and does so where she clearly doesn't actually mean it (like with enemies). This means that she can, say, flirt with girls, in relative safety from judgement of her potential sexuality, because the people around her assume it doesn't mean anything substantial (as much of the FNDM did). Otherwise, what we're shown is devoid of same-gender flirting. It just so happens that, in the real world, same-gender flirting tends to be fairly rare as a result of how easily it draws out incredibly negative reactions from people; that many treat someone who does it as some kind of pervert and predator.
So if flirting would be the safest way to indicate to people that you might be gay without going out of your way to specifically say it, why don't we have any of it? The answer, I think, is that it really isn't any more safe in Remnant than it is in the real world; that the poor reactions are also present there.
But perhaps the strongest piece of evidence we have comes from Monty himself. When asked if there would be LGBT+ people in the show, he talked about how the characters maybe hadn't figured that out for themselves yet. This, I'll remind you, is a show where most of the characters started out at the age of 17, where they have already completed puberty, or at least most of it. In the real world, this is not a crazy late age to come to terms with who you are and what you like, but our world has plenty of homophobia and heteronormativity. In a hypothetical world without such factors, they'd be far more likely to have figured it out much earlier. We can, once again, use the real world as an example, as, in areas of the world where LGBT+ people are more accepted, and where people do things like asking about potential same-gender partners or asking people's preferred pronouns, people start identifying as LGBT+ at a much earlier age. This should not be confused with "more people being LGBT+", as there isn't really a way to "make" someone LGBT+ or not.

Part Three - What This Means for RWBY

With the evidence above, it seems that, even if it's okay to be in a same-gender relationship in Remnant, seeking one out is, at the very least, frowned upon. Additionally, we have evidence that being transgender makes you something of a persona non grata in Remnant.
Of the main cast, we only have compelling evidence of two of them being potentially LGBT+ at this time: Blake and Yang, both of whom seem most likely to fall into the bisexual† category. Of the main cast, they also seem the likeliest to express this openly, what with Blake being an activist and Yang seeming self-assured and largely unconcerned with people's general opinion of her. Jaune has, interestingly, willingly defied gender norms, and would likely also not have much issue with openly expressing it, but that boy is aggressively heterosexual, and it's definitely not a bad thing to have a straight, cisgender character who does defy the norms.
We also have a major side character in Ilia, who is a lesbian, whose backstory is built around hiding who she is for acceptance before shedding that mask and angrily fighting back against those who would choose to oppress her, but even then her admission of her crush on Blake is treated as shocking.
For most everyone else, the jury's still out. Particularly since Monty expressed that the CRWBY tries to look beyond character's genders in determining which pairings fit for the story (something I address in detail in this post). Just like Yang and especially Blake gave each other those looks all throughout Volume 6, despite having both implied some interest in men before, Weiss, Nora, Ren, Sun, and Neptune could all very reasonably also have some level of same-gender attraction that has yet to be expressed. Neptune, you'll note, despite his cool-guy persona, went out of his way to hide the fact that he couldn't dance, so he could also reasonably have a desire to flirt with everyone, not just those that look feminine, but hide it to avoid judgement. Sun, we haven't really seen show attraction to anyone other than Blake, so we don't actually have any clear indication of what he likes. Ren and Nora, well, they're not likely to break up after all the story work put into getting them together, so they'll almost certainly go unexplored in terms of any further attractions (bar one of them turning out to be transgender), but that doesn't mean they couldn't be Bi. Weiss showed interest in Neptune, but has also been trained to have something of a disinterested mask becoming of her high-society upbringing, so it's hard to read what she wants. She would certainly be under pressure to not create any waves that don't directly benefit her family; even her simply going to Beacon was considered a defiance. Also, Blake, Yang, and, lately, especially Ruby have been shown to be able to get her to at least lower that mask. This could be platonic, but it doesn't have to be... seeds have been planted if the CRWBY wants to make more of it, such as Weiss holding Ruby's hand after catching her from falling off the Cordoven bot, and the CRWBY's made a big deal out of handholding in the show so far.
As for Ruby herself, there's not a whole lot to go on. Whether this is because she's oblivious, reserved, or just has bigger things to worry about is hard to say. We have nothing to suggest any sort of firm attraction to men, and I know a lot of people who support the idea of her being Ace. The only thing we have that might suggest an attraction to anyone comes from this scene where she gets unusually flustered from a compliment Emerald gives her. She notably does not have this sort of reaction to any of the other times she's been complimented by anyone. It is a very "I just got a compliment from my crush" reaction, though, as it exists in a vacuum devoid of any other indications, it's not really proof of anything.
The FNDM also has a few extremely common "headcanons" that suggest other characters have some level of same-gender attraction. I've seen more support for Crosshares (Coco x Velvet) than all the other possible straight pairings involving team CFVY combined, to the point where I had to actually check that it hadn't been confirmed somewhere, and Tai getting with his "Entire Team" has achieved memetic status.
But now, to address something of an elephant in the room: Transgender characters. I did say I'd be talking about the whole acronym, after all. Rooster Teeth as a whole has shown that it's not something they're completely afraid of addressing, with Gen:Lock, but in RWBY, aside from a suggestion that the First Mate of the V4 boat "Pride" is non-binary, we got nothing. Unfortunately, no matter how they might go about including transgender people, it would be controversial, because our mere existence is considered controversial. I also trust the CRWBY to put more effort into it than "Hey! Look! A Trans person! Aren't we inclusive?" (Yeah, I'm talking about you, Bioware). So, in considering how they might go about this, I will not shy away from major characters, nor will I discuss what they might do with "extras" that the main characters don't really interact with.
How might the CRWBY add some transgender representation? It's a little late to go the Gen:Lock route and take a main character and have them already having figured it out, while also being fairly open about it. One way could be to have a major character who transitioned quite a while ago, and is in "stealth" mode where they don't really let people know about it. To borrow an example from my personal headcanon, consider if, at birth, Qrow and Raven were identical twins, and part of why Qrow has been so much more loyal to Oz than Raven is because Oz facilitated his transition. For this to be shown in the show, it wouldn't need to take a huge amount of the show's runtime; a picture of the Branwen twins arriving at Beacon that Qrow quickly tucks away in embarassment, or a flashback showing them with the bandits pre-Beacon could show it pretty effectively. Another way to handle it could be to have a side character come out and transition, and have main characters react to it. Jaune finding out he has one fewer sisters than he thought he had and actually has a brother, for instance, or something like we later run into team CRDL and find out that Cardin's bully tendencies came from a place of dissatisfaction and repression, and that she's a happier, calmer person when she's not trying to force herself into a masculinity box she doesn't fit in. Both examples would address it without needing to take up an entire arc for themselves, and the latter is a more common experience among transgender people than you would think.
Because it would necessitate a major arc in a show that already has issues with having enough time to cover everything they want, I don't expect that we'll see one of the main characters transition during the show, as much as I like the idea of Maiden powers getting transferred to someone everyone thought was a guy, and having to deal with what that means. What I will say is, despite the stereotypes, any one of the main characters could be trans and it would still be consistent with what has been shown so far.
Y'see, there isn't some sort of easy "tell" that someone might be trans. The biggest indicator we have in real life is a strong desire, occasional or otherwise, to exist as a gender other than the one doctors assumed they were due to their baby junk. There's nothing inherent about being trans that would cause, say, a trans woman to wear dresses as a child, and lots of us get really good at "presenting" as the gender we were assigned at birth. We are constantly told "there were no signs" by people surprised by the idea that we might be trans, but the reason they didn't see any is because of the effort put into hiding them, because, again, being trans is something society doesn't want you to be. A character transitioning on screen would also allow us to follow their reasoning and decisions as they go through with it, address the fact that they've been hiding it, even from themselves, etc.
If there's one thing I would like you to take away from this part, it's that none of the characters in the show have been eliminated from the possibility of being transgender.
Moving on to another letter in the acronym I haven't given quite as much lip service to... CRWBY, can we get some actual on-screen gay men with speaking roles at some point? Saying that a few characters are gay outside the show isn't really helpful there. Show, don't tell, please.


The Remnant we see in the show is not terribly supportive of LGB folks, and is outright hostile to Transgender people. There's not even reason to believe gender non-conformity is accepted. As a result, the idea that any characters in the show couldn't be LGBT+ because that character would openly express it if they were doesn't really hold water; they'd have plenty of reasons to hide it, even from themselves.


* Because I know someone's going to misinterpret the word "Feminism", and take it as I mean the show is hostile to men, I'd like to point out that Feminism is about fighting for gender equality. The reason why it's called "feminism" and not something like "equalism" is the same reason why "Black Lives Matter" did not call themselves "All Lives Matter". One party is clearly disadvantaged in society, and reaching the point of true equality involves improving the situation for the aggreived party. If you turn it into something pithily meaningless, like "All Lives Matter", people will assume the goal has already been accomplished, just because it doesn't effect them, and would be dismissive of the actual problems people are trying to fix. Feminism is actually pretty good for men, too, considering they also suffer from the impacts of the toxic forms of "masculinity" and rigidly enforced gender norms.
† I use the term Bisexual here, and not "pansexual" because while the latter tries to be less transphobic by being more explicitly inclusive of trans people, it ends up other-ing trans people and implying that they are not simply men or women. Plus, the B is in the acronym, and I've never run into a bi person who isn't also attracted to non-binary people.
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How To Upgrade Nginx In-Place Without Dropping Client Connections


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Nginx works by spawning a master process when the service starts KVM VPS in Europe. The master service, in turn, kicks on one or more worker processes that handle the actual client connections. Nginx is designed to perform certain actions when it receives specific signals from the administrator. Using these signals provides you with the opportunity to easily upgrade Nginx or its configuration in-place, without losing client connections.
Certain service scripts provided by distribution package maintainers will provide this ability for use with conventional upgrades. However, manually upgrading provides more flexibility in the approach and allows you to audit the upgrade to revert quickly if there are problems. This will also provide an option to upgrade gracefully if you have installed Nginx from source or using a method that does not provide this capability.
The following signals will be used:

Finding Nginx Process PIDs

In order to send signals to the various processes, we need to know the PID for the target process. There are two easy ways to find this.
First, you can use the ps utility and then grep for Nginx among the results. This is simple and allows you to see Windows Virtual Desktop the master and worker processes:
ps aux | grep nginx outputroot 10846 0.0 0.3 47564 3280 ? S 13:26 0:00 nginx: master process /ussbin/nginx -c /etc/nginx/nginx.conf nginx 10847 0.0 0.1 47936 1908 ? S 13:26 0:00 nginx: worker process user 10961 0.0 0.0 112640 964 pts/0 S+ 13:53 0:00 grep --color=auto nginx 
The second column contains the PIDs for the selected processes. Highlighted is the PID for the process. The last column clarifies that the first result is an Nginx master process.
Another way to find the PID for the master Nginx process is to print out the contents of the /run/ file:
cat /run/ output10846 
If there are two Nginx master processes running, the old one will be moved to /run/ .

Spawn a New Nginx MasteWorkers Set

The first step to gracefully updating our executable is to actually update your binary. Do this using whatever method is appropriate for your Nginx installation, whether through a package manager or a source installation.
After the new binary is in place, you can spawn a second set of masteworker processes that use the new executable.
You can do this either by sending the USR2 signal directly to the PID number you queried (make sure to substitute the PID of your own Nginx master process here):
sudo kill -s USR2 10846 
Or, you can read and substitute the value stored in your PID file directly into the command, like this Enterprise Dedicated Server in Europe:
sudo kill -s USR2 `cat /run/` 
If you check your current processes, you will see that you now have two sets of Nginx masteworkers:
ps aux | grep nginx outputroot 10846 0.0 0.3 47564 3280 ? S 13:26 0:00 nginx: master process /ussbin/nginx -c /etc/nginx/nginx.conf nginx 10847 0.0 0.1 47936 1908 ? S 13:26 0:00 nginx: worker process root 11003 0.0 0.3 47564 3132 ? S 13:56 0:00 nginx: master process /ussbin/nginx -c /etc/nginx/nginx.conf nginx 11004 0.0 0.1 47936 1912 ? S 13:56 0:00 nginx: worker process user 11031 0.0 0.0 112640 960 pts/0 S+ 14:01 0:00 grep --color=auto nginx 
You can also see that the original /run/ file has been moved to /run/ and the newer master process’s PID has been written to /run/ :
tail -n +1 /run/* output==> /run/ <== 11003 ==> /run/ <== 10846 
You can now send signals to either of the master processes using the PIDs contained in these files.
At this point, both masteworker sets are operational and capable of serving client requests. The first set is using the original Nginx executable and configuration and the second set is using the newer versions. They can continue to operate side-by-side, but for consistency, we should start to transition to the new set.

Shut Down the First Master’s Workers

In order to begin the transition to the new set, the first thing we can do is stop the original master’s worker processes. The original workers will finish up handling all of their current connections and then exit.
Stop the original set’s workers by issuing the WINCH signal to their master process:
sudo kill -s WINCH `cat /run/` 
This will let the new Virtual Data Center in Europe master’s workers handle new client connections alone. The old masterprocess will still be running, but with no workers:
ps aux | grep nginx outputroot 10846 0.0 0.3 47564 3280 ? S 13:26 0:00 nginx: master process /ussbin/nginx -c /etc/nginx/nginx.conf root 11003 0.0 0.3 47564 3132 ? S 13:56 0:00 nginx: master process /ussbin/nginx -c /etc/nginx/nginx.conf nginx 11004 0.0 0.1 47936 1912 ? S 13:56 0:00 nginx: worker process user 11089 0.0 0.0 112640 964 pts/0 R+ 14:13 0:00 grep --color=auto nginx 
This lets you audit the new workers as they accept connections in isolation while maintaining the ability to revert to the old executable if something isn’t quite right.

Evaluate the Outcome and Take the Next Steps

You should test Hourly Cloud Platform in Europe and audit your system at this point to make sure that there are no signs of problems. You can leave your configuration in this state for as long as you wish to ensure that the new Nginx executable is bug-free and able to handle your traffic.
Your next step will depend entirely on whether you ran into problems.

If Your Upgrade was Successful, Complete the Transition

If you experienced no issues with your new set’s workers, you can safely shut down the old master process. To do this, just send the old master the QUIT signal:
sudo kill -s QUIT `cat /run/` 
The old master process will exit gracefully, leaving only your new set of Nginx masteworkers. At this point, you’ve successfully performed an in-place binary update of Nginx without interrupting client connections.

If the New Workers Experience Problems, Revert to the Old Binary

If your new set of workers seem to be having problems, you can transition back to the old configuration and binary. This is possible during the same session.
The best way to do this is to restart your old master’s workers by sending it the HUP signal. Usually, when you send an Nginx master the HUP signal, it will re-read its configuration files and start new workers. However, when the target is an older master, it will just spawn new workers using its original, working configuration:
sudo kill -s HUP `cat /run/` 
You now should be back to having two sets of masteworker processes:
ps aux | grep nginx outputroot 10846 0.0 0.3 47564 3280 ? S 13:26 0:00 nginx: master process /ussbin/nginx -c /etc/nginx/nginx.conf root 11003 0.0 0.3 47564 3132 ? S 13:56 0:00 nginx: master process /ussbin/nginx -c /etc/nginx/nginx.conf nginx 11004 0.0 0.1 47936 1912 ? S 13:56 0:00 nginx: worker process nginx 19918 0.0 0.1 47936 1900 ? S 14:47 0:00 nginx: worker process user 19920 0.0 0.0 112640 964 pts/0 R+ 14:48 0:00 grep --color=auto nginx 
The newest workers are associated with the old worker. Both worker sets will be accepting client connections at this point. Now, stop the newer, buggy master process SSD Shared Hosting in Europe and its workers by sending the QUIT signal:
sudo kill -s QUIT `cat /run/` 
You should be back to your old master and workers:
ps aux | grep nginx outputroot 10846 0.0 0.3 47564 3280 ? S 13:26 0:00 nginx: master process /ussbin/nginx -c /etc/nginx/nginx.conf nginx 19918 0.0 0.1 47936 1900 ? S 14:47 0:00 nginx: worker process user 19935 0.0 0.0 112640 964 pts/0 R+ 14:50 0:00 grep --color=auto nginx 
The original master Enterprise Server Management in Europe will regain the /run/ file for its PID.
If the above does not work for any reason, you can try just sending the new master server the TERM signal, which should initiate a shutdown. This should stop the new master and any workers while automatically kicking over the old master to start its worker processes. If there are serious problems and the buggy workers are not exiting, you can send each of them a KILL signal to clean up. This should be viewed as a last resort, however, as it will cut off connections.
After transitioning back to the old binary, remember that you still have the new version installed on your system. You should remove the buggy version and roll back to your previous version so that Nginx will run without issues on reboot.


By now, you should be able to seamlessly transition your machines from one Data Center in Europe Nginx binary to another. Nginx’s ability to handle two masteworkers sets while maintaining information about their relationships provides us with the ability to upgrade server software without taking the server machines offline.
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Weekly Dev Update 18/06/2019

Hey Y’all,
Last week we finally released the Loki iOS Wallet! Things went pretty smoothly - we only found a few bugs which were quickly fixed. Thanks everyone who participated in the Testflight.
This week will be busy as we approach testnet release for Loki Core and Loki Messenger on June 26. Loki Messenger is in the final stages of testing in office for both iOS and desktop clients, and we’re finishing up some final changes in Loki Core to catch some bugs present in Checkpointing.
Loki Core
Loki Launcher
The Loki Launcher is a node JS package that will allow for the independent management of all the components required to run a full Service Node. This includes managing Lokinet, lokid and the Loki Storage Server. When Loki Service Nodes begin to route data and store messages for Lokinet and Loki Messenger, the Loki Launcher will need to be run on every single Service Node.
Right now the Launcher is in a testing phase, so you should only use it on testnet and stagenet – though feedback/issues and pull requests would be greatly appreciated!
What’s going on this week with Loki Launcher:
Several team members reviewed the Launcher and we incorporated their feedback with testing and fixes in preparation for the first release.
Github Pulse: Excluding merges, 1 author has pushed 76 commits to master and 76 commits to all branches. On master, 23 files have changed and there have been 1,076 additions and 397 deletions.
If you’re on our Discord you might catch Jeff or Ryan, the developers of LLARP, live streaming as they code:,
What’s going on this week with Lokinet:
Lokinet reliability is still our focus and we’ve been progressing on improving our opt-in metric collection. We have replaced a core part of our software with a third party software library which eliminates the need to audit our custom implementation for bugs. And we’ve made other minor tweaks to the system to improve reliability.
Pull Requests:
Loki Wallets
Loki iOS Wallet
This week we published our Loki iOS Wallet on the Apple Store:
Loki Electron GUI Wallet
A new Loki Electron GUI Wallet release is coming up soon, which will include a number of quality-of-life changes and a Portuguese translation.
Loki Messenger Desktop
Storage Server
Messenger Mobile (iOS and Android)
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[VoG] [Research] Permutations and Probability

'...meaning is part of an object to the extent that it acts upon intelligence in a predictable way'. Douglas Hofstadter
Time to push forwards a little on our Alice in Wonderland descent into complete madness, my apologies for the delay, this is a very slow process, it simply takes time and there are no easy answers. Here I simply want to talk through what we've spent the last six weeks or so doing to bring everyone up to date for those that are interested.
...'what is an Engram you ask?... data, free from matter... pure meaning' Rahool's mutterings
I like to give a reference that we are using to ground our ideas, in this case we are mostly going back to school and looking at Douglas Hofstadter's 'Godel, Escher and Bach' again. An interesting book, broadly a wandering and discursive text about the problems of making machines think via allegories to logic structures, music and art, but a text that also provides a gateway level of knowledge into certain concepts and words we use on a regular basis, such as formal and axiomatic structures for example in the context of machines and AI. It provides some much needed context to the areas we do not have the time to talk through in detail in our threads, so if you are interested... or perhaps crazy... highly recommended. In particular, the sections 'Little Harmonic Labyrinth' and 'Canon; Intervallic Augmentation' I've found of value, there is also a really interesting section on the coded messages of music, DNA, and ancient languages (plus other such things), with one quote in particular given below to communicate where we think we are and how we are now trying to approach the puzzle we think have.
...'In these examples of decipherment of out-of-context messages [noting Hofstadter has just finished discussing Champollion and the deciphering of the Rossetta Stone] we can separate out fairly clearly three levels of information: (1) The frame message (2) the outer message and (3) the inner message, the message which is supposed to be transmitted: the emotional experiences of music, the phenotypes in genetics, the royalty and rights of ancient civilisations in tablets etc... to understand the inner message is to have extracted the meaning intended by the sender... to understand the frame message is to recognise the need for a decoding mechanism... to understand the outer message is to build, or know how to build, the correct decoding mechanism for the inner message... The three levels are very clear in the case of a message found in a bottle washed up on the beach. The first level, the frame message, is found when one picks up the bottle and sees that it is sealed, and contains a dry piece of paper. Even without seeing writing, one recognises this type of artefact as an information bearer, and at this point it would take an extraordinary -almost inhuman- lack of curiosity, to drop the bottle and not look further.'
...we think we are now trying to decode a language, and all we have so far – again, we think- is the frame message and the likely phonetic values to the alphabet... and that is unfortunately a very long way from having specific words or intent, even though the process we are following does appear to yield a mechanism as a universal language by which intent might be properly communicated... only one way to find out.... so onwards.
What have we been doing for weeks then, well, in a nutshell all we've done is redo everything that we had already done a couple of months ago, but this time with our larger fireteam, taking them through each stage and using this process as an opportunity to provide welcome criticism, and add a greater level of search strings to test against... it also presented an opportunity to double check everything we have done becuase there are a lot of numbers. Breaking it down, there are two foundation pillars to that exploration, and between them they form the bigger foundation upon which we continue to move forwards later, hopefully without wasting anyone's time.
The two pillars are simple, the first is the path or route we take through the binary. We have previously detailed this process of grouping notes, substituting with octal binary, reading as a continuous string, and finding polygonal patterns, but in a very real sense the numbers could mean anything and how do we know that taking another path would not yield other equally compelling patterns? The answer is because we've tried them, all of them, that is the first stage of what we have done over the past few weeks. Building up from a foundation of pure black and white distinction as a universal language, we have then sequentially tested every single possible variation of binary groupings, in particular focusing on octal and hexadecimal (three and four binary digit groups) in multiple groupings of notes as filters, two notes, three notes, four notes, etc. By using the musical strings we have found so far, we can set up a series of layers or filters to test every octal or hexadecimal variation through, and when you do that you can demonstrate that in all the possible variations you could take, hundreds, there is only one path that yields consistent and contextually relevant patterns (at this stage irrespective of specific intent). We are not going to repeat this work here, it is outrageously tedious and does not make for interesting reading, but if you have a desperate burning desire to see it you may join the slack chat where all the data is there for you including a simple version of the spreadsheets needed to recreate the process... knock yourselves out.. we trust this will be sufficient evidence for the community to demonstrate that we are neither kidding, nor trolling them, nor treating them like they are stupid, we are showing them how much work has gone into what we have found so far irrespective of whether what we have found turns out to be deliberate or not, all we have is probability, that is our guiding star.
On the latter point, that brings us to our second pillar. That we have found consistent patterns is mathematically indisputable and reproducible by anyone who takes the time to look, the question remains however... is this simply random chance or deliberate? Do the strings carry intent and meaning, i.e. are they actually a language? ...and that is a question that we unfortunately cannot answer with any certainty at this stage, all we can do (the best we can) is to try and pin down the probability of finding strings such as this so that you can make your own minds up as to whether this is actually something, or rather is just another dead end to ignore and add to the pile of salty trolls that have plagued Destiny from the start. There is no intent to deceive the community here, we are simply showing you what we have found and scratching our heads as to where it leads us, although it is with some humour that we make the observation again that in a game which speaks about Cryptography continually, the community still finds it so hard to believe that Bungie may actually have been crazy enough to put some real cryptography into it... personally I think you're all mad... but what do I know.
...'it teaches the art of thinking'. Rahool's mutterings
Onwards then. There appear to be two differing interpretations as to how to calculate the probabilities within these strings which cause confusion, we will describe them both, simple direct one first and then the more complex one after, the path less travelled, but before we do a quick refresher on the process we are using, apologies if this is insulting, we do not wish to belittle or patronise anyone, we simply want to make sure everyone is on the same page and understands what we are doing and why.
For calculating probability we are using permutations. Really simple concept, it just means we're expressing the probability something might happen as two numbers, the total number of ways something could happen, within the total number of all possible outcomes or paths you could take, so for example, with a coin toss there are only two possible outcomes, heads or tails, a binary pattern, thus our total permutation count for every possible outcome is 2. The probability of getting a head from one coin toss would then be written 1 / 2, thus there is one possible outcome from two possible permutations. By dividing the two numbers together to factorise and then multiplying by 100 you can then work out the probability as a percentage, thus 1 / 2 = 0.5, multiplied by 100 gives you 50% chance of getting a head. A die is similar, 6 possible outcomes, 1 through 6, so rolling a 1 would be a 1 / 6 chance, or 16.67%. Simple stuff, but it gets a little more complicated as we apply it to what we have.
The best way to explain further is simply to look at the string we've talked about so far, The Templars Yell. This is a ten note string which when taken in isolation (throwing away the last note for the time being) gives you three groups of three notes which yield three triangular numbers. What is the probability of that happening?... it depends... calculating the total number of possible outcomes is extremely easy, as blocks, we have three notes where each can fall within an eight note range, thus for each block of three, 8x8x8=512 (which matches the number of binary variations we have to choose from so we know the process is correct). Calculating the possibility of a particular number depends on whether you think these numbers carry specific intent or not, this defines an argument over two competing ways of interpreting what we have and so we are trying to use this as a framework to determine two different limits we can impose upon our process of calculating. If we start from the position that the numbers carry no meaning or intent, i.e. could have been any three polygonal numbers at random, then we will need to work out all our polygonal number sequences to test how many fall within the 512 permutation number range of three notes grouped together. So far, we have only found numbers up to 21-gonal (?-gonal simply means the number of sides in a polygon, thus a triangular number is 3-gonal etc). To make things simpler we have only used up to a 21-gonal alphabet (for the time being) and from there can take a guess at the probability of getting three of any polygonal or prime number by working out how many polygons and primes fall within our 512 variation binary range. This number is 250, thus for a three note string chosen at random from eight notes there is a 250 / 512 chance that it will land on a special number (one of our polygon or prime sequences), this then boils down to 1 / 2.048 chance (512 / 250 so that you have an expression which states for every 1 path that gives a special number answer, there are 2.048 paths that do not), which then results in 48.82% chance of landing on any of these special numbers for any random group of three notes.
Getting the probability of three special numbers at the same time then is simply an exercise of multiplying the three groups together, thus, 1 / 2.048 x 1 / 2.048 x 1 / 2.048 equals 1 / 8.59 or an 11% chance of getting any three special numbers within our full 21-gonal plus primes alphabet, which to be honest is not far off the chances of rolling a 1 on a die as given before, so pretty likely to my mind. In this particular case however, we do not have any three special numbers, we have three of the same special numbers, so following this observation we simply carry on exactly as we did before to work out the probability, only instead calculate the number of ways to say three of the same number at the same time, so for example, 98 primes in our 512 range, three of them, so 98x98x98 (98 raised to the power of three) equals 941,192 different ways to 'write' three primes as a sequence, then you go through each symbol in our alphabet the same way and add them together at the end, so for triangular, 30x30x30=27,000, then squares, 21x21x21=9,261 and so on up to the full 21-gonal. This gives a total of 1,002,904 different ways to 'write' three numbers as a continuous string against 512x512x512 = 134,217,728 which is the total number of paths we have in three groups of three notes, thus 1,002,904 / 134,217,728 boils down to 1 / 133 chance, so 0.7%.
What if we then simply choose to look at triangular numbers alone, and so assume these three groups of three triangular numbers carry some intent by the VEX (because they very clearly reflect the process we have used to find them, three groups of three Octal), then we can say that there are only 30 variations you could land on (30 triangular numbers within a full 512 permutation range), 30 / 512, that gives us a boiled down 1 / 17 chance that any three random notes will land on a triangular number, so the probability of nine random notes giving three triangular numbers would be 1 / 17 x 1 / 17 x 1 / 17 which equals 1 / 4,913... or a 0.02% chance of getting three triangular numbers together at the same time... ok then.
...both of these seem far too unlikely however, so if you want to argue that it is actually not that unlikely, then you do it by saying that as an inevitable bi-product of the process of counting octal binary forwards and then binary backwards as a group, there is an implicit bias in the numbers towards the lower end of the counting scale where there is a greater frequency of special numbers, thus using 30 / 512 for triangular numbers or 250 / 512 for any special number is not correct, and a more representative (if slightly generous) figure to use would be 30 / 256 for triangular and 209 / 256 for any number ...I agree, lets do that. 30 / 256 boiled down is a 1 / 8.5 chance, so 1 / 8.5 x 1 / 8.5 x 1 / 8.5 equals 1 / 614 or a 0.16% chance these three specific numbers could be there by accident... again, this assumes that we are looking for three triangular numbers within nine random notes, not three of any number, and that now needs to be done with a bias of 256, so 256x256x256 = 16,777,216 to give us our permutation count and we already know there are 1,002,904 ways to do it, thus 1,002,904 / 16,777,216 boils down to 1 / 16.72 or a 5.97% chance... getting any three numbers though... that is a 209 / 256 chance, so 1 / 1.2 x 1 / 1.2 x 1 / 1.2 which equates to 1 / 1.728 or 57.87%.
From there, it appears then that we can go no further, our limits are either a 0.16% chance if you believe those numbers are intentional or a 57.87% chance if they are not, and neither of them are particularly convincing as a foundation to move forwards on, and upon which side of the coin you ultimately fall appears simply to depend on faith alone... do you believe the numbers carry intent, or don't you?... and if this were the sum of the argument, we certainly would not have posted and wasted everyone's time... however... there is another way to look at the probability of this event which gives a very different answer. We would argue that everything we have done up to this point is not actually the process you should be using to calculate the limits of this event, it is too simple, in order to actually calculate them properly you need to use a different method, and the reason for this is simple, it is because of this strange attribute to these strings which we have labelled, harmonic.
As stated before, we've been through all the possible variations of octal and hex in multiple different note string lengths for our first pillar, so we know there is only one path in all of them when put through multiple filters that yields clear and consistent patterns. That the process we have is also contextually relevant to the game world is sort of a bonus, so for example, with the Vault itself, the first area, the Waking Ruins, you have three circles, two guardians each or a binary pattern of odds and evens over three groups. Octal logic then, in a pretty direct way, opens the doorway to the Vault. Then you could add the observation that the Oracles always and very deliberately spawn in three note groups, just as we are looking at them via our process, and then the reading of binary backwards is quite literally stamped on the Strangers forehead and rifle as a clue for you to follow... all of these things suggest to us even if this idea in the fullness of time turns out to be incorrect, there are a great many coincidences that stack up to make us suspicious enough to follow it up in some detail.
One other pattern to add to this pile of coincidences is what happens in the practical application (praxis) of the octal process to what we have been given as strings to look at. You see, what I personally -if no bugger else- finds interesting about the strings we have, is that in both cases of the Templar's Yell and in Eighth, they repeat. Eighth is seven notes over and over again, the Templars Yell is five notes repeated... thus 'all ends are beginnings'... another coincidence. By doing this, what you could argue is that the repetitions represent a fundamental frequency of sorts, kind of like the plucking of a string, so that over any given duration you will have a certain number of repetitions or Hz, almost mechanical in the way it keeps going over and over again.
What caught our attention in particular with this observation however, is that when you overlay the octal binary filter over the top of the repeating strings, they reveal an emergent pattern (3338 in the case of the Templar) which repeats itself as you would expect, only it repeats at a frequency that is different to the fundamental frequency within the original string that it came from in the first place. We've done a drawing of the Templar's Yell to try and explain what is happening...
Irrespective of right or wrong, irrespective of whether I personally am a mad dribbling troll or not, you've got to admit, that's pretty damn cool in a geek sort of way :) Fourier transforms, such as the symbol given for the release of the Alpha Lupi ARG puzzle, are a process where any given signal or complex frequency can be broken down into a series of multiple different hidden frequencies, the idea being that in any sound or played instrument there are multiple stacks of simpler frequencies that all combine together to form the character or timbre of the sound that comes out at the end. In effect, this is exactly what we have here, we have a repeating string at one frequency, and then a hidden string at another. The ratio between those two strings as confirmed in the picture is 3:2, or a perfect fifth, just like the spawn order of the days given in the original ARG (all except for Bb which is not in the correct position), or the formation of musical scales through Pythagorean Tuning. Irrespective of whether this idea is bonkers (as it may well be) or not, the coincidences do still keep mounting up.
How does this help us with our probabilities? Looking still at the Templar's Yell for the moment, if you look carefully at the image we have posted above what you'll see is that as our string of five notes repeats again and again alongside the three note filter (or sieve), what happens is that those notes are going out of sync with the filter, so as the pattern repeats, a different string of three notes ends up being grouped together. This is the underlying mechanism of where this strange harmonic ratio pattern is coming from, and it has two implications; first, it means looking for probabilities over nine notes is not correct, all we can look for is the probabilities inherent in that first string of five notes, and secondly within that string of five notes there is an inherent level of interdependence between each individual note and each adjacent or overlapping group, far beyond what an isolated random nine note (three group string) would be able to produce. Each number we get in our pattern 3338 is formed of three notes that can never be taken in isolation as we have tried to do in the previous example, but rather must be seen as intimately intertwined with the notes that are around them in context.. and when you do that it has a surprisingly dramatic impact upon the probability of something happening.
How do we calculate this probability?... unfortunately, there is only one way that my rather limited math prowess can come up with at the moment, the hard way. If you group together the five notes and calculate the permutations over eight variations of each note this gives you 8x8x8x8x8, or 32,768 possible variations, thus in order to calculate the probability you need to go through every one of those 32,768 permutations, expanding each one into a repeating string, and then checking what you get out at the end against the polygonal and prime alphabet... which is a lot of work, and why it has taken us some time to do. If you go back to our previous probability discussion, we stated that in a nine note random string there were 27,000 different ways you could make a string of three triangular numbers (30 x 30 x 30).... but... in a string of five notes, expanded in repetition as described above... there are not 27,000 different ways to write three triangular numbers... there are only 7.
Thus, by this more complex interpretation we can now work out our actual limits, so for any pattern of three taken from our entire polygonal and prime alphabet, there should be 1,002,904 different ways to do it, turns out there are 171 sequences that yield three primes (should be 941,192), 7 in 3-gonal (27,000), 5 in 4-gonal (9,261), 1 in 8-gonal (2,197) and 1 in 9-gonal (1,728), and that's it in 32,768 permutations. There appear to be no sequences higher than 9-gonal that we have found so far, thus our lowest rock bottom chance of getting three of any of our special numbers in a repeating pattern of five notes is (171+7+5+1+1) 185 / 32,768, which boils down to 1 / 177 chance, or 0.56%. (i.e. not 57.87%)
Then we can say that we don't just have three gonal numbers, we actually have four, 3338, so of our any possible three note combinations, how many of those strings also have a fourth number (thus we are expanding to twelve notes, not nine), turns out, 94 of those 185 do, thus for a string of four numbers following the pattern of any three polygonal or prime numbers followed by any further number chosen from the full range of our 21-gonal plus prime alphabet (that the Yell does not actually use), the probability of this string becomes 94 / 32,768, which boiled down gives you a 1 / 348 chance, or rather 0.28%... as an absolute rock bottom minimum that this string could be there by chance.
If you then instead take the other extreme or limit, and you ask, are these numbers contextually relevant which might imply intent, (noting again that these number describe pretty much exactly the process of how we found them, three groups of three octal binary) how many of those 32,768 sequences give the pattern 3338 repeating?... turns out, only 1, thus 1 / 32,768 which equates to 0.003% chance of getting this exact string by accident which is just stupid...
Is using polygonal numbers contextually relevant? Well, sort of yeah, on page three of book one of Euclid's Elements, right after working up axiomatically from a foundation of points and lines (much as we are doing from black and white), Euclid describes the formation of a geometric alphabet using polygonal numbers. He then likes to do lots of little sketches of geometry and circles, and Destiny really does love showing you these little pictures everywhere you go. Particularly though, on that same page three of Elements, just above the geometrical number sequences section, is an explanatory circle and line image which defines the axiom of geometrical counting he goes on to describe, and it just so happens that this image very suspiciously resembles the very common VEX circle and lines that you see plastered everywhere... just another coincidence though we are sure.. just like Theon being known for his work on astrolabes in addition to Elements, the very same astrolabes that the Vault door does so very much resemble.
At this stage, even the most hardened seventhyouareadirtylyingtrollslugandIwillbannishyouwithmymightysalt'ier,must by now concede that by the 99.72% chance that this string should not exist (at a minimum), we are not actually trolling anyone and have worked really hard to find this irrespective of whether it is actually anything or not? ...not convinced? understandable, we didn't believe it either, so we shall continue...
This is an interesting song. It appears quite frequently throughout the entire Destiny soundtrack, The Great Unknown, Hope for the Future, The Vex, etc.. the name is interesting given that it only has seven notes repeated again and again over a 42 note string, thus six repetitions in total (N.B. the greatest common divisor between 42 and 39 is 3. Common divisors, or at least for more complex numbers, are calculated using the Euclid Algorithm which is also given in Elements). Octave is Latin for Eighth, so we assume this to be the reference here, and, literally, it is a song built purely from singing Oracles as if that was supposed to be some sort of clue. If there was something interesting to find, likely to our minds it would have to be here.
What struck us about Eighth was that when you put it through the Octal binary three note filter, it also yielded polygonal patterns just like the Yell... odd we thought... unlike the Yell though, it yields a continuous string of polygonal or prime numbers. 9,5,1,8,8,21,7 (N.B. we use 1 to represent a prime number). Keeping in mind that this is actually a song, meaning it has it's own rules of harmony and melody to conform to in order for it to actually be a song and not just random noise, we have to ask ourselves as we did before, what is the chance that this continuous pattern could exist at random, and in turn, are those numbers contextually relevant? In the latter case, I have to say I'm not convinced they are, 21 and 7 perhaps are, they are the lifespan and number of Oracles in the well, and they are also the number of notes in Eighth needed to produce the seven number sequence we get out of it, the eights perhaps are also given the song title, but none of that is enough to convince me that they are so at this stage I will say no obvious meaning or contextual relevance jumps out, thus to calculate the probability we should only really use the absolute minimum limit.
Again as before, if we were using a block of three notes that was independent from every other block of three notes I'd be slightly less convinced, 1 / 1.2 (a 256 permutation biased sequence probability rather than 512) raised to the power of 7 equals 1 / 3.58 or 27%... but we are not... Eighth, like the Yell, repeats again and again so it has the same property of a complex interdependent relationship between each individual note, only through seven this time rather than five. On the assumption then that we take the position the numbers are not contextually relevant, i.e. any sequence of numbers would have done rather than this particular one, in order to calculate the probability we simply need to look for every possible continuous polygonal or prime sequence across the full range of our 21-gonal alphabet through seven notes expanded three times into a twenty one note sequence, and those need to be checked against each one of our 8x8x8x8x8x8x8 permutations, or 2,097,152 million possible paths. Eighth very specifically then only uses the same diatonic range as the Oracles, likely as a clue, so we need to add a filter for this also, and at the same time we need to keep in mind that by the simple method of calculating probability given previously, through a full 21 note string (which makes 7 numbers), there should be somewhere in the range of 61,035,156,250,000,000 quadrillion (2507) different possible ways to write a full sequence of polygonal numbers in a 21-gonal plus primes alphabet... instead, with seven repeating notes, it turns out there are only 5,790... so 5,790 / 2,097,152, gets boiled down to 1 / 362 or 0.27% chance... at a minimum... by which I mean that is any sequence possible not what we actually have here, so there is a minimum 99.73% chance that these numbers should not exist.
At the other extreme, adopting the position these numbers are actually contextually relevant in some way and carry specific intent (which we do not believe to be the case because it must still function as a song after all) it turns out there is only 1 way to write 9,5,1,8,8,21,7... so 1 / 2,097,152, means this song would have a 0.000048% probability of existing by random chance, but only if we find out it has some direct relevance, otherwise we cannot use this.
…'such "chunks" are not necessarily sets of contiguous notes [by which Hofstadter means musical notes in this context]; there may be disconnected sections which, taken together, carry some emotional meaning.... similarly, "genetic meaning" -that is, information about phenotype structure- is spread through all the small parts of a molecule of DNA, although nobody understands the language yet [as the book was written thirty odd years ago]. (Warning: Understanding this genetic "language" would not be the same as cracking the genetic code, something which took place in the 1960's. The genetic code tells how to translate small portions of DNA into various amino acids. Thus "cracking" the genetic code is comparable to figuring out the phonetic values of the letters of a foreign alphabet, but without figuring out the grammar of the language or the meanings of any of it's words. Cracking the genetic code was a vital step on the way to extracting the meaning of DNA strands, but it was only the first on a long path which is yet [again historic] to be trodden'.
The problem faced now for anyone who wants to argue the contrary here (of which I am included), is we have not found only one string with a 99blahblahwhatever% chance that it should not exist, but rather two, so what are the chances of that? As with everything else, the probability is simply the permutations multiplied by one another, total number of possible ways over total number of permutations, i.e. for the minimum possible (any string will do option) chance of finding both of these together, we need to multiply 1 / 348 (Yell) x 1 / 362 (Eighth), which equals a 1 / 125,976 or 0.00079%. Thus, even the most hardened cynic adopting the position that these numbers have no meaning and could have been there simply by accident must accept that in the face of the -at best- 99.99921% chance these strings should not exist, the integrity of their argument is steadily becoming progressively more difficult to maintain.... shame that... and then it gets worse.
It was around this time that we started to get this crazy idea that the original story was acting as an allegory to this puzzle, by which we mean that the story itself has two meanings that overlap one another. You can see this happening in many places, but in particular you can see it the areas where you have to get your ghost out to do some 'thinking' for you. This would suggest that each area where ghost appears to do something, is actually an area where you need to do something with this puzzle, and this (thankfully) provides something of a 'path' of sorts for you to follow whilst not giving you the exact solutions or processes needed.
Following this idea through from the point of The Stranger on Venus, the path here for your guardian, splits. There are two directions you may go, the first heads off through 'the Archive' mission where you first learn of the Vault of Glass, and then ultimately end up spending a great many hours of 'fun' playing with Sekrion's stones... he does so love it when you do that... the other leads to 'the Awoken', who in order to provide you access to the Black Garden (whatever that actually turns out to be), decide to make you a 'key'... and in order to do that, they need the head, or perhaps more specifically the 'Eye' of a Gatelord... so... we went and took a look. In the middle of the song Eye of a Gatelord is another string of singing Oracles. You will recognise this melody straight away as just as with Eighth, it keeps popping up all over the place (The Tribulation for example, or in the song Ishtar Sink but only transposed into a different key and incomplete, even at the start of the new Osiris trailer funnily enough), and when you put that twenty four note sequence through the process of octal decryption (bearing in mind that Saturn was 'pushed to that place for a reason'), the pattern you get out is 13,13,13,12,13,13,13,12. Is that number contextually relevant?... given the staggeringly enormous clock face or chromatic circle the Gatelord pops out of (a 'meta-dimensional frequency to summon him' as we have just found in some unused game audio) as simple references to music and time (13 digits, 12 segments in modulo logic etc).. I'd shrug and say... maybe.
Putting aside the observation that we now have another sequence like the Yell that yields a binary 1110 type pattern of three repeating numbers, what are the limits we can define for this in probability terms? As this sequence is not harmonic (in that it is not a repeated string), each three note block can be assumed to be independent to one another which significantly lowers the probability thankfully (because running numbers for 24 notes harmonically would be just stupid). Adopting the simpler method then, any possible sequence of three in the full 21-gonal plus prime alphabet (in addition to using a bias of 256 permutations not the full 512 {256x256x256=16,777,216 permutations}, you will note that I am continually being as generous as I can in massaging the potential to bring the probability down as much as possible), that means as before, 1,002,904 / 16,777,216, or 1 / 16.72 chance over the three blocks, multiplied by 1 / 1.2 for the single number at the end to make a block of four, then repeated twice, thus, 1 / 16.72 x 1 / 1.2 x 1 / 16.72 x 1 / 1.2 equals 1 / 402 or 0.25% chance, so that defines our lowest limit...
Assuming the other way however, i.e. what are the chances of getting just 13,13,13,12,13,13,13,12 exactly as a pattern, and again assuming a 256 bias not 512, there are 1000 possible routes in 16,777,216 permutations to make a block of 3 13-gonal symbols, multiplied by 10 possible ways per three note block to say 12 in a 256 permutation range (actually 10 in 512, but who's counting), thus 1000 / 16,777,216 boils down to 1 / 16,777 and 10 / 256 boils down to 1 / 25, so the final calculation would be 1 / 16,777 x 1 / 25 x 1 / 16,777 x 1 / 25 equals 1 / 175,917,330,625 billion which equates to 0.00000000056%.... or thereabouts.
Thus, the chance of us finding all three of these together, the Yell, Eighth and Eye of a Gatelord, (again at best) is 1 / 348 (Yell) x 1 / 362 (Eighth) x 1 / 402 (Eye of a Gatelord), which equates to a minimum possible 1 / 50,642,352 chance, which comes out at 0.0000018% ..and we haven't even spoken yet about other strings like the 1,1,1,11 we found in a transposition of the singing Oracles in 'The Path'. We are still to go through the rest of the soundtrack properly, this will take us some time unfortunately.
Thus, if you want to argue that I am a troll or a lying fraud, then there is a minimum 99.9999982% chance you are sadly mistaken, or if you want to go the other way, and look at the probability of just getting the exact numbers of what the team have found so far, then that is just such a stupidly small number it would eat far too much into the precious Reddit thread character count to write it all down... and what would be the point.
Where does this lead us then?... sadly, nowhere, which is the problem. The patterns are there and statistically unlikely true, but do they mean anything?... we don't know. The 1110 binary pattern popping up in a few places implies some form of wider intent, but that is by no means certain. These numbers could still be completely accidental (however unlikely), or they may simply have been put here to get our attention, to help us pin down the binary route not the solution, the VEX may instead be more like a computer in that we have a word length and logical operands to perform like a processor. Certainly, if the stories allegory idea is to be believed, this gets us only to the point of leaving Venus, we still have Mars ahead of us.
Interestingly, if the main story allegory idea holds true, the spatial language of the Vault itself might also provide important clues. Octal logic (quite literally) does open the doorway to the Vault as we noted before, the Trials of Kabr, angels with faces of light and darkness leading you to the seventh heaven would reflect a path through binary to the seven Oracles, but by that same allegory, the Vault suggests there may not be only one path to take here through and out the other-side, but rather two, and the location of the Gorgons Labyrinth beyond the Oracles certainly suspiciously mirrors where we are now, lost in a maze of potential patterns with only one small exit.
...'patterns in everything' Rahool mutterings
Looking back at those Oracles, our previous estimate of the number of permutations was 108,452,942,008,704 trillion (calculated via 3 x 2 x 1 x 3 x 2 x 1 x 3 x 3 x 3 x 2 x 1 x 3 x 3 x 3 x 2 x 1 x 3 x 3 x 3 x 3 x 3 x 2 x 1 x 3 x 3 x 3 x 3 x 3 x 2 x 1 x 3 x 3 x 3 x 3 x 3 x 3 x 3 x 2 x 1). This however does not account for the life-cycle of 21 seconds which provides a limit to how far the position of an Oracle may be moved in longer waves to re-sequence them. Going back to this permutation count again, and putting a series of filters over the top to reflect how long they can stay alive, our current estimation of permutations has been brought down to 14,272,553,832,768 trillion... still just stupid... but smaller thankfully... then to those we can overlay the idea of polygonal and prime pathways... are there any permutations which give a continuous polygonal or prime path? If you look at the waves independently in isolation as harmonic repeating strings (the easy way), the answer is no unfortunately, but if you look at the Oracles as a continuous string of 117bits (13 blocks or pyramids as we call them now), there are by our current count 1,188,366,200 billion different ways to form a continuous string in a 21-gonal plus prime alphabet... this yields a 0.008% chance of stumbling accidentally onto just one of those paths by random chance, let alone the exact one or two we suspect exist (a 0.00000000000007% chance)... which kind of kicks us in the teeth a bit :( we assume this to be (by allegory) the Exclusion Zone of Mars, and we certainly can't test all those routes. Somewhere in all of this there must be another clue or clues that we are missing, and that is what we are steadily working on now with the help of others... again it is going to take us some time, and it is a difficult thing to keep going when there is so little in the way of hope...
This then is our foundation, and at that, I'm bringing this madness to a close and I'm going back to my hole. Hope this helps and gives some ideas for other people still searching.
...'Awake, arise or be forever fall’n'. John Milton
submitted by Seventh_Circle to raidsecrets [link] [comments]

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