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AMA. Just got wiped of $120,000 , 20BTC

Old time miner here. I did retard. I went full retard good.
Put the bitcoin in a account during the fork.
That account as it turns out had a cross site scripting attack that let someone get access to it. From there it was all bad news. One month after I put the coin there, it was emptied out! I was going to move them back today and saw the accounts were empty. Savings for me /parents are gone. (I've got a pretty poor family. This was like 12 years of savings equivilent).
I bought alpaca socks for 5 or something like that bitcoin back in the day.
I gambled away and won this 20 bitcoin which I forgot about which is why I had it.
I was using an electrum wallet with a memorized password but it was also a reused password since I was lazy due to working far too much and being sleep deprived when I backed this up on my cloud storage.
Key point, don't trust cloud storage. apparently is not as secure as I thought it was in that regard. Completely my fault. IF you're going to do cloud storage, encrypt with a password from keepass, not one you normally know.
Not much I can do but continue working and go on with my life. TL;DR: early miner, lost all the rest of my BTC savings because I'm not smart.
SPEZ: Might not have been the cross site scripting vulnerability. This might be part of it also.
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The Bitcoin Ideology

The digital gold rush is upon us and I thought it would be helpful for those that only see Bitcoin as an investment to understand the philosophical reasons to own Bitcoin. To the bitcoin warriors out there, keep doing your thing to promote this revolutionary protocol. Peace and love.
IF you’ve only recently tuned in to the seemingly endless conversation about bitcoin, you could be forgiven for thinking that the digital currency is little more than the latest Wall Street fetish or a juiced-up version of PayPal. After all, so many headlines in the last few weeks have focused on its market price and the cool stuff you can get with it: Bitcoin breaks $1,000! Bitcoin plunges by a half! Bitcoin has a banner Black Friday! Use bitcoin to buy a ride on Richard Branson’s starship!
But all the talk about bitcoin’s value (or lack thereof) obscures the fact that it was never really meant as an investment nor primarily as a way to purchase sex toys or alpaca socks — let alone a brand-new Lamborghini. One could argue that bitcoin isn’t chiefly a commercial venture at all, a funny thing to say about a kind of online cash. To its creators and numerous disciples, bitcoin is — and always has been — a mostly ideological undertaking, more philosophy than finance.
“The ideas behind it — that’s what attracted me,” said Elizabeth Ploshay, a regular writer for Bitcoin magazine, which describes its mission as being “the most accurate and up-to-date source of information, news and commentary about bitcoin.” And if the magazine has a mission, so, too, does the subject that it covers. As Ms. Ploshay explained it, bitcoin isn’t merely money; it’s “a movement” — a crusade in the costume of a currency. Depending on whom you talk to, the goal is to unleash repressed economies, to take down global banking or to wage a war against the Federal Reserve.
For those with an uncertain understanding of its history, bitcoin entered the world on Jan. 3, 2009, when a shadowy hacker — or team of hackers — working under the name Satoshi Nakamoto released an ingenious string of computer code that established a system permitting people to transfer money to one another online, directly, anonymously and outside government control, in much the way that Napster once allowed the unrestrained transfer of music files. In a 500-word essay that accompanied the code, Nakamoto suggested that the motive for creating bitcoin was anger at the financial crisis: “The root problem with conventional currencies is all the trust that’s required to make it work. The central bank must be trusted not to debase the currency, but the history of fiat currencies is full of breaches of that trust.”
It was fundamentally a political document and, as such, it attracted followers among libertarian and anarchist groups who saw in bitcoin a means of removing the money supply from the grasping hands of government. In blog posts and at bitcoin conferences around the globe, these evangelists began to spread its gospel. It is only in the last few months, as bitcoin has attracted the attention of political parties, regulators and speculative investors that the narrative of bitcoin as a tool for change has been drowned out by a simpler story line: that of bitcoin as a kind of crypto-credit card — or, even more, as a digitized casino game.
“Price is the least interesting thing about bitcoin,” said Roger Ver, an early investor who is often called, in a typical movement phrase, the Bitcoin Jesus. “At first, almost everyone who got involved did so for philosophical reasons. We saw bitcoin as a great idea, as a way to separate money from the state.”
While the bitcoin hype has inspired Ron Paulian dreams of evading inflation and undermining the Federal Reserve, the currency has also gained cachet among less conspicuously conservative adherents, like the founders of BitPesa, a start-up firm in Nairobi, Kenya, that plans to help Africans abroad send money to their families at home. According to the World Bank, $1.3 billion in remittances is sent each year to Kenya, a process that costs about $110 million in fees. By using bitcoin’s peer-to-peer technology to avoid banks and wire-transfer companies like Western Union, BitPesa hopes to reduce these fees by two-thirds, saving ordinary Africans $74 million annually.
You know you’re talking to a true bitcoin believer if you hear the word “disruption.” But that’s how bitcoin is seen within the broader movement: as an unruly tool with potentially transformative effects on entrenched businesses like retail payment and asset management.
“Right now in the United States, bitcoin is mainly considered a get-rich-quick scheme with a little financial privacy thrown in,” said Jon Matonis, the executive director of the Bitcoin Foundation, the self-proclaimed center of the decentralized crusade. “But its larger implications down the road are major disruptions to certain legacy industries.”
Mr. Matonis added that the ideology of bitcoin was wide enough to accommodate people on all points on the spectrum — “from libertarian capitalists to socialists.” It not only has a following among the anti-central bank crowd, he said; it has also proved attractive to communitarians like the residents of the Kreuzberg neighborhood in Berlin, which now boasts the highest density of businesses accepting bitcoin in the world.
There are even those who see bitcoin as the ultimate alternative to the global banking system. Ryan Singer, a co-founder of the bitcoin exchange Tradehill, based in San Francisco, compared the currency to email, conjecturing that it would gradually supplant traditional banking, just as digital messaging displaced handwritten letters. “When kids wake up to the fact that they don’t need their parents’ help to create a bitcoin wallet,” Mr. Singer said, “when they can use bitcoins for free international transactions, at any hour, in every major city on the planet, then you’ll know that something has changed.”
Perhaps the best proof of bitcoin’s ideological underpinnings is that a schism has emerged in recent weeks between moderate elements in the movement who sense the necessity of cooperating with officialdom, and a more uncompromising faction that wants to keep bitcoin free from any government regulation. The hard-line bloc is exemplified by the crypto-anarchist developers of a bitcoin product called Dark Wallet, which is scheduled to be introduced next year and will include extra protections to ensure that bitcoin transactions remain secure, anonymous and difficult to trace.
“We see this as part of the total sublation of the state,” said Cody Wilson, Dark Wallet’s director, who gained fame earlier this year when he published online the blueprints to a pistol that could be manufactured with a 3-D printer. “I know I sound like some kind of weird Jehovah’s Witness, but we’ve only just begun. We admit that we are ideologues.”
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List of successful bit-coin companies and services

The recent news about Abra made me think that only our Organization is qualified to prepare an authoritative list of bit-coin companies and services, classified according to their degree of success. Here is my first try:
Have significant demand by non-bitcoiners
Have significant demand only among bitcoin believers/holders
Do not have any demand to speak of
Any additions?
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Bitcoin Black Friday is Upon Us. Lets Have a Little Look.

Before it even started there was some drama because some fraudster captain of the industry registered and was immediately flagged as a fraud by weak hands. The "real" Bitcoin Black Friday was quick to respond with information about this years even here:
The most important part of that post is this little nugget:
Goals for this year:
100+ Merchants. (That's smaller this year! We're going to be only accepting quality merchants. After reviewing which sites actually got traffic and sales last year, the 'filler' merchants don't need to be there.)
So lets have a little look at and see what those quality merchants are.
It starts strong with Humble Bundle listed near the top. Their ties to them is so strong they listed them twice, first the weekly bundle and then the books bundle. Note that it's not a special deal or anything. They just link to the regular weekly bundle. Why not link to the main bundle you ask? Because that one doesn't accept bitcoin...
Need to buy honey and honey related products for bitcoin? has you covered.
Tired of the digital nature of the internet of money. Buy a physical bitcoin from Denarium. Chose between a bulls head or a pigeon. The nice people over at Hardbtc will also sell you physical versions of the low friction email of money.
There are also paper wallets if you want to increase the risk of losing your coins:
If you want some more valuable metals, Amagi Metals will set you up. They have apparently started accepting bitcoin again after not doing s for awhile.
Here's a personal favourite. Yes, you can now buy the most worthless currency on the planet with the second most worthless currency on the planet. All prices are in dollars.
Want to buy some random used junk for local pickup in San Diego only? The Butter Zone is the place for you. No I'm not making this shit up. Behind the worlds dodgiest URL hides this little golden buttery gem: Need a grey 3-piece suit, a spare tire for a Toyota Corolla 1993 or some RPG Books? Look no further. This is some top quality merchandise.
We all know that bitcoin's killer app is converting stolen credit cards into real money. Here's a new way to help the poor Russian mafia get some money:
Here's a deal on a 21 Inc PiTato actual Raspberry Pi and accessories:
The Bitcoin News are selling 10 000 banner clicks for 50 % off!
I don't even know what this is and the website doesn't work. Is it a joke? Is it memes? I have no idea.
Someone saw a hole in the market left by our favourite ex-bitcoin mod and are offering 20 % off of bitcoin soaps. They have a litcoin soap as well.
Want to buy contraband cigarettes? Bitcoin have you covered: How can they sell their cigarettes so cheaply?
It’s because we purchase and send them from poorly developed, Eastern European countries where cigarettes cost a fraction of the price you’re used to pay in the West. There are still huge discrepancies in the standard of living across this world’s countries and as long as this discrepancy persists (as long as you guys keep on borrowing), an arbitrage opportunity will exist and will be exploited. We think Bitcoin helps tremendously in this regard.
They claim it's perfectly legal and that you will not have to pay any duty or tax. They are of course lying through their teeth. Proper captains of the industry.
Want to smoke in style? Get disposable Vapes from Julien Marley. Super classy mon.
There are many herb related sellers. This one sells some kind of hemp based pills that has loads of potential health benefits. It has Sci in the name and mentions loads of chemistry stuff on the site so it must be totally legit. One of the main selling points is that it's legal so it has to be good.
Want to grow stuff indoors, has all your hydroponic needs. I did not know bitcoiners grew their own spices and vegetables...
Here's a place that sell herbal teas including one that cures diabetes. Or at least has anti-diabetic properties. According to one study. Also, it was done on mice.
Next up is which offers tie dye clothing. Felt like a good segue from the herbs.
More clothes. The Mises store is on the list because of course it is.
And lastly, not alpaca socks but socks non the less. Subscribe to socks.
There are many more dubious business on the list but I'm way to lazy to talk about them all. Please, go through the rest of them because there's much comedy gold left to mine.
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[megapost] NYANdeas

We've come a long ways and I'm at a point where I've decided I'm going to really pursue this with everything I've got in terms of energy and devotion. I've got a prior commitment hanging over my head towards the end of this month, but once I resolve that, I'm planning on spending a couple months really digging into NYAN and seeing what I can do. So far we've just chipped away at the edges, but already we've seen some pretty impressive results. Just a brief recap of our successes first and then I'll talk about my ideas.
We've gone from 1-3 satoshi to 10-30 satoshi prices. Not bad. We've got two new block explorers up in response to the previous one going down. We've got an irc channel and active community members both here and there. And we've got me, the crazy bastard who's locked up 25% of the available supply and is planning to do everything he can to build up NYAN to its proper greatness, and got tipnyan going and did a major giveaway with it. Oh, and we survived a dump of ~10% of the available supply quite comfortably. Probably other stuff I'm forgetting about right now.
So, what next? Well, a lot of stuff. This is just a huge dump of ideas for discussion and inspiration. It's not necessarily ordered, although I'll try to have it go roughly from simplest to most complex. These are by no means promises or guarantees. This is just stuff I think would be cool.
Some of this isn't a "implement this", it's more of a blog post prompt or general concept.